What are your data science chefs actually doing?

Consider your data science function as a restaurant’s kitchen. Chefs, sous chefs, those on preparation and dish washers – everyone has a job to do for the kitchen to run smoothly and be successful. But is your kitchen properly staffed? 

If you have data scientists churning SQL reports this is just like chefs apportioning pasta. Is there any wonder why you can’t hire or retain chefs?

If you rely on junior business analysts to shortlist which analytics technologies to choose from this is just like dish washers choosing the menu. Are you surprised the reviews are dismal?

Build a kitchen where most of the less skilled work is done by easier to find people and where data scientists are engaged in chunky analytics. This isn’t easy of course but it should be the goal. It solves the scarcity and retention problem in one fell swoop. 

PS – A quick Google search uncovers lots of references to Data Science as a Kitchen so I am in good company. I would encourage everyone to continue this analogy... Hadoop Slow Cookers, Spark Fryers etc. etc.

Jordan McIver leads Alchemmy Consulting’s Data Science Practice helping many of the world’s biggest brands to transform into data driven organisations. A Data Scientist at heart who spends most of his time thinking about how to overcome static friction with innovative PoC’s and kinetic friction by focusing on building capabilities, not just algorithms or tools.

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