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The Application for Resilient Communities (ARC) was launched during the ‘Making Resilience Work for Everyone’ workshop at the UK Security Expo in November of last year.

We would like to thank all those who attended the workshop and shared their thoughts with the presenters. Your presence contributed to the success of the event and further demonstrates the momentum behind the movement promoting community and business resilience.

This workshop acted as an opportunity to hear from experts in the field of resilience and to understand how ARC enables business communities to raise awareness, understand, share and act upon best practice while stimulating resilient behaviours. Saving lives, protecting our businesses and building stronger communities.

Mike Butler, Head of Group Resilience at Barclays, gave a captivating account of a global banking institution’s practices regarding improving resilience in the face of highly disruptive events that are both unpredictable and increasingly commonplace.

Caroline Field, Resilience Practice Leader at MMI Engineering, led a session on innovative approaches when measuring resilience, building resilience capacity and provided a business case for resilience. Caroline also gave an overview of the industrious work that went into developing the urban resilience masterplan for the city of Beirut.

Rico Pieri, Business Resilience Lead at Heart of London Business Alliance, explained how communities can build resilience by individuals and organisations collaborating before, during and after major shocks to ensure a sustainable business community for the future. Rico highlighted that community resilience can be improved by increasing awareness of key stakeholders, building relationships, sharing best practices and agreeing processes.

Join us on this incredible journey to building more resilient businesses, communities and cities.

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