ARC Blog - The Pride of Britain Awards

The Pride of Britain awards serve as a living and moving inspiration to us all; police officers who run towards danger when others are running away; fire officers who consciously enter extremely dangerous situations with minimal thought for themselves; paramedics who patch together the most injured without hesitation. Members of the general public who, sensing that someone needs help, spring into action.

There are also those blessed individuals who face adversities, physical, and mental, that would break most of us, who rise above it all and wring every last blessing from life; putting back far more than most of us. Heroes every one of them.

If we took time out to think many of us would have a sense of shame and self-doubt. How would I have reacted in any given situation?

In a world where we are all faced with constant challenges it often seems enough to survive the day and get through the week, month, year.

And yet this is not enough. We all interact with the rest of humanity, at work, at play, at rest. Often on a casual basis but we cannot deny that we are part of a community, no matter how large or small, however ill or poorly defined.

Some are obvious, a school, University, housing estate, faith, local Borough or village. Others are less clear, a series of shops in a mall, businesses on an industrial estate, work colleagues, fellow members of a club.

Relationships exist, known or unknown, acknowledged or denied, no matter how loose they may be.

Recognising that the challenges we face are unpredictable in nature; be they from fire or flood, or from international terrorism, it is incumbent upon us all to be prepared for major or catastrophic events.

As a business we must ensure that our business continuity and resilience policies are widely disseminated, and understood, within our organisations – including the wider supply chain: that our communications systems are robust, targeted, effective and efficient.

Resilience is not restricted to the “commercial” world. It also encompasses “our communities” and the creation of “Resilient Communities” should be a priority for us all. None of us operates in isolation, independent of our social environment and we must accept the responsibilities that entails.

Mass communication systems are well established – in addition to the media. Targeted corporate communication systems are growing in importance as are data protections systems – soon to be required by EU Statute.  Resilient Community programmes are currently being launched with major sponsors.

We all have a responsibility to get involved. Next time it could be some-one you care for or know, or even yourself who needs immediate help or rescue. It could be your business that is imperilled.

We cannot simply hope that there is an unsung hero who will spring to your aide. We must all be heroes in waiting.

Get involved and help make a difference.

By Richard Barnes, former Statutory Deputy Mayor of London and an Associate of Alchemmy.

Alchemmy support resilient communities through the Application for Resilient Communities (ARC) platform:

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