Building Resilient Organisations and Communities: Alchemmy Partners with Crises Control

Alchemmy have signed a partnership agreement with Crises Control, an innovative emergency communication and business continuity platform, to incorporate their award-winning app into the ARC platform, helping organisations and communities to become more resilient and better able to prepare, withstand and recover from critical incidents.

Crises Control is an emergency communication and business continuity platform designed to enhance business and community resilience. It is always available, even when an incident has shut down the customer’s access to their own buildings or IT network. The platform operates from any mobile device, and provides multi-channel communications, by phone, SMS, e-mail and push notification. London based, providing support for organizations of all sizes locally and globally.

ARC is a scalable platform supporting business resilience by providing the ability to measure, support and improve resilience. It provides the capability to scan, consolidate and provide focused news and advice on both current incidents and topical threats and gives access to a world-class source of best practice and practical resilience and security advice.

Crises Control, Alchemmy and ARC have a shared mission, to support organizations, communities and cities become safer, smarter and better connected.

Visit or to learn more about the collaboration.

David Allen-Rogers, Director Alchemmy Consulting and Rickie Sehgal, Chairman of Transputec celebrate the partnership


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