Crises Control Wins Cyber Security Partnership of the Year 2017

Alchemmy would like to congratulate Crises Control, an innovative emergency communication and business continuity platform and our newest ARC platform partner, on winning the “Cyber Security Partnership of the Year” award in the prestigious CIR Risk Management Awards 2017.

The recent wave of ransomware attacks has caused global concern amongst commercial and public-sector organisations alike, with many thousands being impacted by these attacks and losing access to vital and sensitive data. Crises Control and its partners address the urgent need for solutions that help businesses to mitigate the threat of cyber-attack on corporate IT networks. Crises Control offers a solution to alert the security or IT team immediately to cyber threats as soon as they occur, thanks to its integrated trigger alert capability.

Mitigating the threat of cyber-attack is one of the key areas where the ARC platform can help businesses and communities in becoming more resilient. To become part of building resilient communities or for more information, please contact us at

Visit to learn more about Crises Control and their recent award.

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