Knowing, Doing, Being

For modern business leaders, simply knowing things is no longer enough; instead, to be an effective leader you have to have a vision that you can turn into tangible outcomes. To achieve these you have to be prepared to take risks, plan ahead and let the past go.

This process of transformation is no longer done from the top-down in a command and control style; participation at all levels in all phases is now the key driver. Good leaders will empower the people that they work with to contribute meaningfully to transformation irrespective of grade.

Simply training staff, however, is not enough. Coaching takes on an increased role in the workplace – giving staff the chance to learn directly from successful leaders. In turn, this builds staff capability, confidence and competence.

Finally, underpinning all good leaders is a healthy self-awareness and a focus on relationships, emotional intelligence and partnership. These help leaders deal with the ambiguity and uncertainty that surround change.

The Management Trinity

InsightsAlex Good