ARC Blog: Empowering Businesses to embed a Culture of Resilience at SCTX

ARC, in conjunction with Crises Control recently hosted a stand at the Security & Counter Terror Exposition (SCTX), the UK’s leading national security event. The event brought together security professionals from around the world to showcase their capabilities and innovations that help ensure both businesses and the public can remain safe. The event provided the opportunity for the ARC team to meet with security and emergency response professionals.

The event enabled us to showcase the ARC platform, an application designed to help business communities build their resilience capabilities. ARC can also be combined with Crises Control’s innovative mass notification and recovery features. This delivers a unique end-to-end resilience building and incident management platform.

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation from Alchemmy Director, David Allen-Rogers, on: “Why Resilience is the most important issue facing businesses”. David discussed how disruptions can physically, financially and reputationally impact both small and large organisations. He then outlined how ‘community-led’ resilience elicits more resilient behaviour from businesses than the traditional top-down approach.

David stated that the four behaviours required to become a Resilient Community are:

1) Awareness of key events and disruptions locally

2) Understanding of resilience-related content

3) Sharing and communicating important information

4) Acting on and implementing guidance

These four behaviours empower communities to Prepare, to Respond, to Recover from and Mitigate the effects of disruptions more effectively.

Finally, David touched upon ARC and how the platform’s capabilities are perfectly suited to engender the behaviours needed to enhance community resilience. The positive reception that the talk received highlights the need for resilience building capabilities to ensure business communities are prepared to face disruptions.

Over the course of the event, the ARC stall generated a lot of interest from attendees across industries including healthcare, higher education and counter-terrorism. All were keen to hear how ARC can help communities build resilience across their activities.  This led to many new contacts who are interested in working with ARC. The platform also attracted several potential partners who could provide additional content to our library and newsfeed.

Overall, the event generated significant interest in the platform’s capabilities. ARC is well positioned to become the platform of choice for communities looking to Prepare for, Respond to, Recover from and Mitigate the effects of disruption on their activities.

Allowing business communities to raise awareness, understand, share and act upon best practice, ARC stimulates resilient behaviours. Its library of best practice, newsfeeds and benchmarking tools enable communities to plan and track critical performance improvements. Co-ordinating through ARC, communities apply resilience to effectively anticipate disruptions and optimise their long-term commercial advantage.

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This article was written by Jonathan Dunn, Management Consultant at Alchemmy

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