The Government Agency responsible for improving road safety by ensuring drivers, vehicle operators and MOT garages understand and comply with roadworthiness standards.



  • The organisation was implementing an ICT modernisation programme, which was designed to deliver a range of financial, service and business efficiency benefits
  • Included in this was the MOT modernisation project, to replace the IT system that was being used for MOTs with one that would operate and be updated in real time
  • There was a high dependency on a large, vocal and diverse group of stakeholders who would be impacted by the change, and who would require a solution which was easy to use


Alchemmy's Solution

  • Due to this large, vocal and diverse group of stakeholders who would be impacted by the changes, Alchemmy first engaged to help the client adopt a fully planned and structured approach to change management, stakeholder engagement and business readiness
  • Alchemmy worked to identify the main stakeholders involved, assess the impact of the change and establish a change management strategy. A collaborative approach was adopted to ensure that the impact of Alchemmy’s proven tools and approaches was maximised through co-operative working between the subject matter expertise of the client team, and the Alchemmy consultants
  • Alchemmy led implementation of the business processes that were touched by the MOT system, and the change which resulted in c. 22,500 Authorised Examiners (MOT garage operators) having to provide their own IT hardware to interface with the existing system.  Alchemmy worked with the client to provide a brief for these Examiners to minimise negative feedback


Business Benefits for our Client

  • In 4 weeks stakeholders were identified, the impact of the change was assessed for each stakeholder group and a detailed change management strategy had been established
  • The change management strategy detailed how each stakeholder group would be engaged and move along the change journey
  • The following deliverables were produced: case for change, change impact assessment, stakeholder map, change engagement model, communications plan, organisational chart, resource profile, non-resource cost model, plan on a page, RACI, assumptions and decisions log, change journey map, transformation slide, transition approach, critical success factors and benefits summary
  • Alchemmy also assisted the client with creating the Board paper to request funding by producing suitable annexes to reinforce the points being made
  • The collaborative approach and the structured framework used resulted in internal capability being built up to manage the change going forwards