We provide hands-on support throughout the implementation of business change, making sure that we work collaboratively with key stakeholders as part of an embedded team rather than as an external group of consultants.

Ensuring we offer support to those closest to the process and transferring capability helps us to manage the impact of change, making adopting and embedding new ways of working more sustainable.


Operational transformation is pivotal to increasing productivity and reducing costs. By focusing on analytics, good practice operational principles and change management Alchemmy can help you operate more efficiently.

We utilise our expertise in Business Process design & Improvement to help you gain a clear end to end view of how your organisation currently operates and then work with you on how that can be improved.

We understand the qualities of potential product and service suppliers and can help you with strategic sourcing and supplier management. Initial market assessment followed by proven methods ensures the most appropriate solution is procured at the right price with a quality outcome.

Alchemmy understands Operational Readiness, efficiency, cost reduction, service deign, target operating model design and can enable your business to build an organisation of the future.




Global Compliance regulations and Governance can be a mine field to navigate.

With GDPR now introduced as well, Alchemmy is well positioned to help you optimise your business processes whilst meeting regulatory requirements.

We are able to utilise common methodology both locally and globally. Assist with risk assessment and compliance and help educate your teams to build robust processes to enable the business.

You too can ensure you realise value through optimising your processes.We work with you in Data Gathering to help you remediate and work with you to identify gaps so you can prioritise and ensure your business runs effectively and efficiently.


Can you prove that your technology expenditure, whether project, programme or as a whole represents best Value for Money to your business?

The best performing organisations conduct a continuous cycle of improvements to operational effectiveness and efficiency, to reduce wastage of spend, and reduce technical debt, and to re-direct spend into strategic investments which are of increased value. Alchemmy can provide objective evaluation of your internal/external expenditure against best practices, and will provide insight into the optimal balance between 'run the business' and 'change the business' spend, the benefit and risk profile of potential opportunities for improvement, as well as the input spend to achieve these benefits.




Project & Program Management is core to business transformation and is often complex and projects easily fail.

Alchemmy has qualified practitioners with a depth of experience working on a range of projects across all industries.

We help you drive sustainable value from your programs and deliver outcomes that optimise your business. We know the projects that are over budget or late can have a severe impact on your business.

Our project managers are experience in large programs, managing issues and driving your projects to deliver the outcomes you need.


Providing excellent customer service is no longer sufficient, you must be able to engage your customers through multiple channels allowing them to seamlessly move between them without compromising service.

Alchemmy helps clients understand how their customers engage with them to define, implement and execute winning customer experiences strategies across multiple channels.

We work with our clients providing customer journey mapping, data driven customer transformation as well as providing insight into strategy innovation while understanding the voice of the customer.

Many companies have already moved from product to customer centric focus. Alchemmy has the tools and maps to help you optimise your customer experience.