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Providing an excellent customer experience is no longer sufficient, you must be able to engage your customers through multiple channels allowing them to seamlessly move between them without compromising service.

Alchemmy helps clients understand how their customers engage with them to define, implement and execute winning customer experiences strategies across multiple channels.

Our Customer Experience Transformation offering includes:

Customer Experience Strategy

Alchemmy helps clients define and execute winning customer experience strategies, aligned to business strategy; enabling the definition and delivery of world-class customer journeys and experience.  As well as helping to shape or independently review strategy, Alchemmy is also skilled in its implementation.

Customer Experience Innovation

At Alchemmy we combine our knowledge of the latest technology with industry expertise to improve your customer’s experience. We have assisted clients in the transport industry reduce the customer waiting and transfer time through automation, providing cost savings and improving customer satisfaction.

Voice of the Customer Alignment

Part of delivering a unique and innovative customer experience is understanding what your customer value proposition is and what differentiates you from your competitors.  We use our industry expertise, latest research and customer surveys to help our clients build a full picture of what their customers want and how it can be implemented.

Voice of the User Alignment

To help improve productive and make your employees feel valued, it’s important to understand how your internal systems and processes can be improved. We consider how your users interact and identify areas for improvement, prepare and assess the benefits cases and drive the implementation and adoption of new ways of working.

Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding how your customer interact with your service is crucial to identifying ways to improve it. At Alchemmy we gather extensive data on your customers and use the latest analytics to provide insight on your customers. We assist companies in turning the data gathered into practical actions the deliver improved service, customer satisfaction and reduced costs. 

CX Driven Operating Model Design

Most companies consider their operating model as an internal structure that doesn’t impact their customers. By putting your customers at the forefront of everything you can truly differentiate yourself from your competitors and realise significant benefits. Alchemmy will help you look at your operating model differently, assess the changes that you can make from a full transformation to incremental changes, to deliver exceptional customer experience.