All companies need to embrace digital technology and manage the rapid pace of change their customers and employees expect.

Alchemmy takes a holistic view to advising and delivering Digital Transformation to our clients, combining technical expertise with business understanding to create and implement solutions that provide value to your customers and business.

Our Digital Transformation offering includes:

ICT Strategy Review

We believe that an innovative use of technology can help you meet your business aspirations. We work with you to understand your business needs, identifying the most appropriate technology to deliver planned improvements. Our team has experience in both implementing cutting edge solutions as well as customising existing technologies to best fit the existing infrastructure of our clients. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to IT strategy and work to find a tailored solution for our clients based on their individual needs.

Digital Operating Model Design

We believe that your IT system design should play an integral part in supporting the future of your business. By understanding your needs at both an operational and a strategic level we are able to design the most appropriate system for your organisation. Our analysis of your requirements helps us to identify your objectives enabling us to design the supporting systems, interfaces and networks. We work with you to ensure that your IT solutions are technically robust and tailored to your individual needs.

Digital Colleague/Employee

It’s not just your customers that expect to be able to be able to use the latest technology, your employees also expect technology to enhance their working day by improving their productivity, enabling collaboration and communication and supporting mobile working. Providing the right digital solutions to employees is no longer a luxury, companies with strong digital workplaces have improved talent attraction and retention, employee satisfaction and employee productivity.

At Alchemmy we can assist you identifying your current digital workspace capabilities, creating your digital workspace strategy through to the implementation and measuring the benefits. We will work with you to understand the outcomes that are right for your business and how we can achieve them together.

Digital Strategy

Alchemmy works collaboratively with clients to design, develop and deliver digital solutions to engage customers, citizens, and communities. We help clients determine how best to choose and use cloud, digital, mobile, and social technologies to engage and enable people to get things done, and service delivery organisations to increase their effectiveness.

Technology Innovation

At Alchemmy we pride ourselves on our ability to constantly develop innovative solutions for our clients. Finding the creative idea is only the first step in the process to get a new product, service or process in front of the customer. You need to have the skills to assess each idea including the commercial proposition, develop the prototype and full product, conduct testing and market research and implement. We have proven tools and techniques that can assist you every step of the way and help you to continue to build your innovation pipeline. 

Enterprise Architecture & Solution Design

As technology has advanced the complexity and number of systems used by organisations has increased rapidly. Each acquisition or new implementation introduces an additional layer of complexity that increases your technical debt.

Alchemmy’s Enterprise Architecture and Solution Design team can help you understand your existing IT landscape, identify opportunities to enhance and drive additional value from your existing assets or assist you select, design and implement new architecture.

Technical Assurance

Alchemmy provides independent review and assurance of technical infrastructure and ICT assets and software.  We provide a full technical assurance service, or augment our client’s own capability.  We can also assess or support the in-house technical assurance or technical design authority function.