Imagine a management consultancy that is a trusted advisor to their clients, trusted to deliver on their promises and trusted to be honest and straightforward. 

That’s our ambition for Alchemmy.  We want to help our clients tackle some of their most pressing challenges involving people, processes and technology



The continuous growth and fast paced nature of the aviation industry has made the challenge of managing complex change ever more difficult. Alchemmy draws upon the extensive experience of its highly skilled team to provide change and transformation services, supporting clients with managing their aviation initiatives and enabling them to deliver the anticipated business outcomes.

Alchemmy uses tried and tested methodologies and tools to tailor bespoke solutions to client’s individual business models based on the team’s aviation expertise and in-depth knowledge. Alchemmy not only guides our clients through the different stages of change and transformation, but also ensures transfer of capabilities through a sustainable model. Change methodologies that include employee engagement and cultural change are employed to ensure that new ways of working and behaviours are embedded, maximising the benefits from the investment made.Alchemmy’s current aviation offering includes government oversight, regulation management, operation and supply chain, civil and commercial airports and airlines.

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Covering banking and insurance, financial services and regulation, Alchemmy’s financial services team focuses on all sectors of industry, covering a range of advisory, strategic, and implementation activities with our client organisations. Our experience spans digital and operational transformation, and driving change in both large scale and mid-sized organisations, as well as management and optimisation of expenditure and staffing. Our engagements pull from the capabilities of our consultants, many who have more than 20 years’ experience within Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.

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We have a long history of partnering successfully with the biggest global legal firms, delivering engagements in the UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and the US. Our people possess a wide range and depth of experience in helping clients in the legal profession to solve complex problems in a structured and controlled manner and implementing those solutions smoothly. Our success relies on applying tried and tested methodologies and frameworks in a pragmatic way to achieve the best balance between delivering successfully without creating large overheads for our clients.

Our legal clients typically look for help in understanding and delivering effective organisational, behavioural, process, and technology change. Examples of our work in this sector includes: Global Service Consolidation, Business Services Process Mapping, Legal Matter Disaggregation and Delivery Transformation, Capability Assessment & Development, Legal Project Management, and Financial Service Transformation.

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Alchemmy’s Automotive & Manufacturing sector delivers transformative solutions to help our clients improve the flow of people, goods and data globally.

In order to provide efficiency across both automotive and manufacturing we work with you to innovate and implement new business models, to not only drive effective business change but also utilise emerging digital and connected vehicle technologies.

Alchemmy’s subject matter experts can help you build world-class supply chains which will not only help grow business but also manage risk.

The world of automotive and manufacturing is changing and Alchemmy’s ability to help you navigate the new world will provide your business the drive and skillset in this volatile market and its ever changing regulations.




The demands on the public sector have never been greater. The expectations of more capable and responsive public services; digital migration and transformation; and enhanced collaboration across an increasing complex set of organisations – are all set against a backdrop of political uncertainty and regular budgetary cuts.

Alchemmy works with our public sector clients to help deliver complex and long-lasting transformation, through the provision of independent assurance and review, input into organisational design, business process improvement or optimisation, and access to our extensive network of PPM and change management professionals. Our consultants have many years of experience of working across central and local government, criminal justice, and the defence and security sectors.


Our team of highly experienced consultants have worked with industry-leading players in the rail sector to successfully deliver strategic technology and digital transformation projects. We take an innovative approach to solving our clients' toughest challenges and ensuring that they get lasting value from their investments.

Using our extensive experience and deep understanding of the rail sector, we have developed industry best practice toolkits and methodologies that help clients from project mobilisation through to transition and implementation.

We understand the ever-increasing need for businesses to adopt new digital rail and ‘smart’ technologies so we provide industry-leading expertise to help give our clients a competitive edge and achieve first class customer experience. Beyond digital, our proven track record includes delivering end-to-end franchising bid life cycles and successfully leading programmes from mobilisation and migration strategies to franchise transition and disaggregation. We also provide a wide range of services and deliver cutting-edge rail projects in programme assurance, delivery and project recovery support, solution and enterprise architecture and management and process optimisation design.

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The market for Technology is evolving continuously, both positive and negative disruptive influences are shaping and driving business growth like never before. Alchemmy works both with Technology companies, and with large organisations as well as exciting and innovative start-ups to help realise the full opportunity of technology in high growth industries.

Working with such organisations, we focus on go-to-market strategies, in driving increased effectiveness and improved efficiencies, enabling you to be seen as a leader in a competitive market.

We are your agile partner and will help you better understand how you can improve your business growth through digital transformation, optimise your business through improved operation, and in improved customer proposition and retention. We have the skillsets to help you differentiate yourself in a crowded market.

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