Alchemmy’s Data Science & Analytics team work across Industry to enable organisations to capture value from their data.

Businesses are investing a lot of money in data but not getting a lot of value. 85% of big data projects fail(source Gartner 2017) . Why? The problem is they are not properly focusing on the factors that actually drive value. Alchemmy focuses on the most important elements like choosing the right short/mid/long term outcomes to aim for and knowing how to set data scientists up to succeed with the right tooling, sounding processes and articulating leaderships vision in the voice of a data scientist – all the while taking a Lean approach to project delivery that avoids wastage.

Avoiding wastage means focusing on building internal capability and not just tech and algorithms. It also means not paying for consultants to learn on your time or having specialist skillsets sit around being unproductive.


Technology Innovation is at the centre for a majority of businesses. To enable your company to embrace the latest in technology you will need a depth of experience in areas like Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning. You will need the right insight to help you start your business transformation and develop a future for your company.

Alchemmy knows in order to succeed you will need to leverage expertise to help you unlock the potential to not only drive growth but to also save costs and utilise automation to accelerate your business.

Alchemmy has the insights to help you understand the options available and provide you the ability to keep the lights on whilst embracing a better future for your organisation.




Alchemmy helps organisations to identify and avoid key risks, and to detect, manage and respond to the increasing threat of cyber and information security breach.

Using a combination of readiness and threat assessment, and maturity of resilience and cyber processes, alongside our app product, we can help you prepare for attack whilst avoiding common root causes, and to recover more quickly than would be the case without our intervention.

Alchemmy has the subject matter experts to help you to build a robust function, and to minimise the negative effects of an attack. We will help you overcome the challenges of protecting and securing your business in a cost effective manner.


Digital Transformation involves a number of complementary and inter-dependent activities; aligning technology spend with business imperatives, driving increased revenues, decreased cost, and entrance into new markets which did not previously exist. Alchemmy has years of experience in advising upon, and executing these activities through digital transformation.

Alchemmy works with its clients along the full-lifecycle of strategy, design of technology-enabled business transformation harnessing new and emerging technologies, and new capabilities to help your business drive improved effectiveness and manage risk, and execution and embedding the necessary change within your organisation.

The frantic pace of technological change brings with it a wealth of opportunities for organisations to accelerate business growth, to enter new markets and to change the way they work. There are, however, also associated pitfalls which could erode or invalidate the business case for the change itself.

Alchemmy has the experience to help you avoid these, make the case for change, reducing operating cost to fund the transformation journey, and to take full advantage of the appropriate disruptive technologies to transform your business.