Pivotal to increasing productivity and reducing costs is our capacity to understand and transform your business. To deliver this we combine detailed analytics with good practice operational principles and change management services to help you understand and operate more efficiently.

Underpinning all businesses are the functions, processes and governance that enable you to provide your core services to customers. Our consultants are effective at drawing out these out, understanding how they are functioning and designing changes that will enhance efficiency.

Our Operational Transformation offering includes:

Business Process Design & Improvement

The most important step in enabling business transformation is to gain a clear end-to-end view of how an organisation currently operates. We support this process through the facilitation and documentation of existing business processes. Our workshops help to establish guiding principles for change which allows us to provide you with recommendations as to how processes can be improved. Our recommendations are supported through performance measurements that validate our proposed improvements.

Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Management

We understand that the qualities of one potential product or service supplier aren’t universally applicable to all our clients. Experience shows that the ability to select the ideal supplier is often constrained by a wide spectrum of factors. We have deep expertise in effective specification and selection, making sure to consider the criteria most important to each client before recommending a supplier. Our sourcing and supplier management address the whole lifecycle of procurement and supplier management, from initial market assessment to soft market testing. Our proven methods ensure effective competition and that the most appropriate solution is procured at the right price, with the right trustworthy partners, to deliver a quality outcome.

Service Design & Transition

Successful Service Design and Transition needs to align an organisation’s services with the current and future needs of the business whilst reducing the long-term costs and improving overall quality. We work with clients to help them develop and introduce new operating models and services that better meet the needs of the business. Our methodology looks at the core building blocks of your organisation’s IT including your overall vision, the applications required to deliver this vision, the existing technical infrastructure as well as the financial and organisational constraints.

Target Operating Model Design

Alchemmy helps clients define the future operating model that will support their strategic objectives.  We work collaboratively to identify the organisation, processes, capabilities, technologies, and behaviours which will enable the most appropriate, effective and efficient delivery of public sector services.

Shared Services Design & Implementation

Alchemmy helps clients design the most appropriate set of services and solutions to achieve their organisational goals.  By combining rigorous business analysis with our ICT domain knowledge and collaborative approach, we can help you plan and deliver effective service transformation.

Operational Readiness & Transition Management

Alchemmy understands the importance of operational readiness and transition management and how pivotal these can be in helping businesses realise their benefits.  Alchemmy helps clients prepare for the change, such that, at the point of delivery/handover, they are fully familiarized, inducted and trained, feeling confident and competent to assume ownership of the new ways of working. Furthermore, that they accept responsibility for, and are capable of, performing the safe and efficient tasks through effective knowledge and capability transfer. This includes, but not limited to monitoring transitional issues and people’s response to the change through effective governance, ensuring there is transition support and clearly defined escalation paths for helping the business move through the change, analysing feedback in a timely fashion and creating success stories to increase rate of adoption.

Operational Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Alchemmy understands how changes to people, process, technology and organisation can provide significant opportunities for cost reduction. We can help clients understand and plan how to improve effectiveness, reduce cost and increase productivity. This can include analysis of current services, identification of savings opportunities, and delivering the cost reduction programme.