Our Core Capabilities

There is a set of common capabilities which is vital to the success of any enterprise. We at Alchemmy support our clients in the optimisation and improvement of performance in these areas, which underpin the achievement of wider transformation and performance in our clients’ businesses.

These capabilities include management and operation of organisational, technological and process change; business analysis and management of programmes including set up, planning, team and capability, and ongoing assurance and oversight.

Alchemmy can provide ‘hands on’ assistance, whether providing a scan of current performance; focus on areas for improvement; or in taking affirmative remedial action, mitigating risks, and achieving a level of performance which is best in class.

These capabilities are complementary to our core service offerings: Operational Transformation, Digital Transformation and Customer Experience Transformation. These are seamlessly integrated into bespoke solutions for our clients, which meet their individual needs.

Organisational Vision & Transformation

We believe that an organisation needs a clear vision as to where they are heading prior to embarking on fundamental business change. Stakeholder engagement is key to understanding the strategic direction underpinning the business transformation. We combine a comprehensive ecosystem of processes, frameworks and deliverables, all based on stakeholder interaction, helping you to articulate and ultimately to realise your vision.

Change Leadership

We provide hands-on support throughout the implementation of business change, making sure that we work collaboratively with key stakeholders as part of an embedded team rather than as an external group of consultants. We provide you with the tools to master each step of the change management process by learning as much about a company’s current culture and working style as possible before taking action. Ensuring we offer support to those closest to the process helps us to manage the impact of change, supporting you throughout the transformation one step at a time, and ultimately adopting, these new ways of working.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is pivotal in delivering high profile initiatives for our clients and is core to the success of any project. Our emphasis on stakeholder management ensures the buy-in of all of those involved. When working with our client we believe that understanding a firm’s cultural values is critical in translating business requirements into more tangible outputs. We support you through all stages of analysis, working closely with the project management team from the initial concept through to completion.

Project, Programme & Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management helps our clients to maximise the value for their business by ensuring programmes and projects are optimised and aligned across the entire portfolio. To achieve this we use our experience to select and prioritise the programmes most fitting for our client’s portfolio. We work with you to define the selection criteria by conducting in-depth analysis to help you realise your vision.

Alchemmy takes a pragmatic approach to successfully delivering projects for our clients, using proven methodologies and toolkits, based on industry best practice. We ensure that we maintain an appropriate level of governance and control without creating unnecessary administrative overheads. These techniques have allowed us to support numerous programmes across a wide variety of sectors, usually involving a range of diverse suppliers and stakeholders.

Delivery Assurance

We appreciate that some projects can, from time to time, struggle to achieve the results expected. To counteract this a rapid assessment of a project’s health is required to provide an independent and objective assessment of the current state. We then work with you to identify your potential options and agree an appropriate set of actions to enable recovery. By putting in place the necessary resources and reporting mechanisms we are able to ensure the effective recovery of your project and achieve your original business goals.

Business Case Development

Alchemmy can help clients develop, analyse, and articulate the business case for change.  We use tried and tested tools and techniques to enable clients to take informed business decisions based on objective information and rigorous analysis, in line with best practice and in the case of the Public sector, the Treasury Green Book.

High Performance Team Development

Truly great teamwork can make the difference between organisational mediocrity and organisational excellence.  Alchemmy can help leaders achieve their full potential through increasing their self-awareness, helping them bring that contribution and insight to a team environment.

Alchemmy provides tailor made programmes to help develop the vision and purpose of the team to align with organisational goals.  We work with you to develop the team’s mandate, create an environment of trust that facilitates real-time feedback around behaviours and define and implement strategy development.

Knowledge Transfer & Capability Development

Alchemmy helps clients develop effective knowledge management through both the selection and use of appropriate tools, and through building the right behaviours to encourage and ensure knowledge sharing. We understand the need for a solution that encourages active interaction to create a sustainable outcome.

Board Advisory

Alchemmy provides a full suite of services to support CxOs in achieving digital business transformation and innovation via technological change. These cover process, people, organisational and cultural change alongside the technology implementation.

The correct technologies, implemented in the most efficient manner, fully managed, measured and monitored, can contribute to reductions in operating cost; improved business efficiency; improved customer relationships; and drive new business growth.

Our expertise spans strategy and blueprinting, through implementation roadmaps and outline business case preparation, through setting up and running improvement programmes of work to achieve the benefits identified. We will work with you to provide a solution customised to reflect your precise requirements, and will support you directly throughout the phases of our engagement with you. We will also ensure we achieve handover of knowledge and capability to enable your self-sufficiency on an ongoing basis.