Who We Are

Diverse backgrounds, unique talents,
with a shared vision



Our Core Values:

We are a values based business and doing the right thing supports everything we do:

  • We believe in genuine, long-lasting relationships with our clients, doing it 'with them', not 'to them' and leaving a legacy of improved client capability

  • We believe in doing the right thing, saying what we mean, and always delivering on our promises

  • We believe you get ahead by helping the person next to you, achieving our ambitions together

  • We believe that work should be fun and together we build a sense of community; it's why our clients enjoy working with us

Our Journey So Far:

Alchemmy was founded in 2012 to create a different kind of consultancy.  A consultancy with personality, dedicated to making a positive difference to our clients, colleagues and community.

We wanted the energy, enthusiasm and agility of a start-up, underpinned by a lifetime of consulting experience without the burdensome bureaucracy that develops over time in most organisations. A key to our success is not being tied down by investors.  This has provided us with freedom 'To Do the Right Thing', to make the best decisions for our clients, our company and our people.

Put quite simply, we wanted work to be fun again! We wanted to deliver innovative solutions to our clients most complex problems, where we fulfil our client's and our people's ambitions. To create an environment where we collectively succeeded and where there's no politics; an environment where you get ahead by helping each other and where integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

Our heritage is a blend of consultants who've worked at some of the world's largest consultancies, experts from industry and home-grown talent, combining the best and brightest people.

Our Approach to Working with Clients

We invest in long term client relationships which is reflected in the way that we work with our clients. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients and enable their success by delivering on  what we say.

An important part of our approach is to transfer knowledge and capability to our clients, leaving them with the confidence and skills to carry on long after we have gone. We pride ourselves on repeat business due to long-term relationships that are built on trust.

Our People

Our people come from a diverse range of backgrounds with unique talents and experiences. They  share a core philosophy of being open and honest in all our interactions, to always do the right thing by our clients and our people and to ensure quality is built into everything we do.

We relish a challenge and thrive on success. Our goal is to produce great ideas and solve complex problems. We employ multi-disciplined, experienced professionals, working across a range of industries and delivering change for FTSE 250 companies. At the core of our collaborative approach is transferring knowledge and expertise along the way and delivering meaningful change that lasts.

Sally Jenner
Aviation Sector Lead

Tim Morley
CXO Advisory Services Lead

Jimmy Kyriacou
Rail Sector Lead

David Allen-Rogers
Client Services Lead

Bernie Levins
Financial Services Sector Lead

Our Partners

We have formed strong partnerships and alliances with a number of organisations that provide  deep technical expertise which is complementary to Alchemmy’s service offerings.
This allows us to offer the best support to our clients in areas where a joint-up approach using highly specialist knowledge is required.

Who We've Worked With

We have worked with a broad range of clients, from medium sized businesses to FTSE 250 companies. We work across a number of sectors including Legal, Retail, Financial Services, Transport, Travel, Telecommunications and the Public Sector, in which we have delivered business transformation, and system integration projects, among many others. 

We have extensive experience of working with global clients on projects across Europe, North America and Australia.

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